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May 1, 2013
|  filed under: Weddings

I cry at most weddings … at least once. It’s just part of the package deal you get when you choose us to photograph but, I promise it’s not the ugly cry. Well, except for Lizanne and Andrew’s big day … I was a mess. I cried when Lizanne surprised her grandmother at the nursing home. I cried when Lizanne praised The Lord during ‘Hosana.’ And finally, I cried during Andrew’s dance with his mother … which this is usually when I lose it at all weddings just because I think about my dances with Grant and Connor. It’s like: ‘Cue the waterworks for Vernice Hammett!’ So folks, that’s a total of 3 cries and I didn’t wear waterproof mascara. My husband and partner was gracious enough not to snap a picture of me at the end of the night. Thanks, honey.

It was an absolute joy and pleasure to capture Lizanne and Andrew’s wedding celebration! Their love for one another is so beautiful and it was great to witness among their wonderful family and friends. Also, Matthew and I were excited to be back at Hightower Hall. It is definitely a favorite of ours! To Lizanne and Andrew, thank you both so much for choosing us! We truly enjoyed spending the day with you all! Best wishes and God Bless. And of course, Go Tigers! [V]