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September 11, 2009
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Our goals with each session are typically the same. We want to have as much fun as possible while capturing something special both for the individual/couple as well as their family. With this photo shoot, we are the family which makes it that more special for us. We love every opportunity we have with these two fine folks. Talk began back in March concerning when we would have their next photo session. Well, we got busy and time passed as it always does and before we knew it, it was August. We knew this was something important to us, so we picked a date and sure enough it rained each date we picked for about 3 weeks, until finally we found a beautiful evening.

As Vernice and I think about where we want to be 50 and 60 years down the road, we always think about Papa and Mema and their love for one another. Vernice and I love our youth and cherish where we are currently as a married couple, but it is exciting to think about being parents and grandparents one day. When we get to that point, we know who we want to be like, and that sweet couple is our grandparents. Papa and Mema are wonderful grandparents and have such a positive influence in our lives.

Here are a few of our favorites from our latest session with Papa and Mema. Cheers.[M]

They have such a scenic gazebo.

Papa looked at us while we were taking these pictures and said, “You sure do have a beautiful grandmother.” We definitely concur.

The light was incredible that evening.

Papa’s grandfather was born in this house in 1862.

Love this shot.

Papa in front of the house he was born in 85 years ago.

My hero and I throwing up the peace sign.