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February 4, 2009
|  filed under: Personal

Vernice and I met Mr. Dave Matthews 3 years ago today in the Bahamas. If you know us, then you are already aware that we are pretty much obsessed with the Dave Matthews Band.  When we first heard that he would be playing on a private island in the Bahamas, we knew that we couldn’t miss it.  We booked our space on the ship and took our first cruise ever.

When our cruise reached land, we decided to check out The Atlantis since it was such a nice hotel. We spent around two hours in the hotel. Just as we were leaving, we looked across the lobby and saw Dave talking to another band member. As we were walking up to speak, Vernice and I could barely breathe.  We spoke with him a few minutes and took several pictures.   He was kind and humble and it was quite special to meet one of our heroes.

The three of us hanging out in the Bahamas…

Dave performing on the beach that evening. What an amazing night.

We got back on the boat and fell asleep around 1am.  As if it couldn’t get better… an announcement came over the intercom around 3:30am saying that Dave Matthews was going to perform another show live in 5 minutes on the ship. We got ready and ran upstairs to see the band jam out.

Something else worthy to point out…after meeting Dave we got back on the boat to call my mom and sister. It cost us 41 dollars to make a 2 minute phone call.  In case something had happened, we knew we wanted our family to know about our huge accomplishment of meeting the man! I am not sure why cruise lines make those phone calls so exspensive. Nonetheless, 3 years ago today is a moment in time we’ll never forget. [M]